Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them.

Leigh Anne Tuohy


  • Long-term foster care is not the answer

  • Each child needs permanence as early as possible

  • The birth family is the child’s best resource

  • The entire family is our client

  • A group makes a better decision than an individual

  • The birth family needs to be included in the decision-making process

  • It is our responsibility to provide a safe place


Our Butte & Shasta County Foster Parents

  • Are flexible and take on challenges

  • Laugh, cry, and can be themselves

  • Support birth families and put children’s needs first

  • Are representatives in the larger community

  • Provide a safe shelter for children

  • Model, mentor, and support the families of children

With the right opportunities, everyone can fly...


  • Include the birth family

  • Facilitate relationship between birth and foster families

The Butte and Shasta County unit utilizes the Family Centered Team (FCT) approach to cases; gathering birth parents and foster parents, relatives and friends, CPS and FFA workers to make group decisions utilizing strengths in the family system.

Shasta County Foster Care

Redding Program Manager
Jessie Cork, M.A.
530-365-9197 Ext.115

Butte County Foster Care

Chico Program Manager
Karina Valdez, M.S.W
530-893-1614 Ext. 224